yes, please!
yes, please!
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yes, please!

shadow palette

full-zip: matte warm ivory
big cocktails: matte orange
champs: matte pale peachy nude
bling: metallic rust
louie: metallic duochrome red with a gold flip
butter cake: metallic pale yellow gold
spoiled: matte brick red
gno: matte burnt orange
mischief: matte warm yellow
note to self: matte warm caramel
chauffeur: metallic duochrome bright orange with a gold flip
french kiss: matte medium chocolate brown

PRESSED POWDER SHADOW highly pigmented shadow that applies evenly and feels ultra-velvety and silky. this long wearing formula contains a unique combination of softer powders which adheres easily to the eyes, gives a soft focus effect, and blends smoothly and evenly.

FINISH matte, metallic

SHADE neutrals, oranges/corals, reds, golds, yellows/oranges

NET WEIGHT 12 x 0.85g (0.03oz)

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