Renewing Eye Cream( 15ml )
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Renewing Eye Cream( 15ml )


Working to counteract signs of fatigue as it fortifies delicate tissue to minimise lines and increase skin’s resilience, Murad’s Renewing Eye Cream is a fast-acting firming and brightening treatment.

A rich, silky cream that is swiftly absorbed, this cocktail of peptides and retinol works to revitalise, tone and re-densify skin to diminish dark circles without irritation. The addition of mango butter helps to boost skin’s elasticity – smoothing and tightening under-eye bags as it counteracts puffiness. The ultimate 360˚ option for those who are looking to minimise wrinkles and shadows, this does-it-all formula quickly and visibly lifts, plumps and ‘thickens’ dry, delicate skin.

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