Lash Nourish Make Up Remover Pads( 80 Pads )
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Lash Nourish Make Up Remover Pads( 80 Pads )

    • Keep a pot of Pixi’s pre-soaked Lash Nourishing Make Up Remover Pads beside your bed so that there’s no excuse not to take the day off before your head hits the pillow (and leaves it covered with black smudges). Enriched with a precious, make up-melting blend of argan, panthenol and castor oils – to effortlessly dissolve even stubborn mascara and stay-fast liner without compromising hair health – these gentle pads respect your fragile lashes and leave them soft, supple and glossy. Aloe vera and glycerin then soothe and hydrate the delicate eye area. An absolute boon for all those who prize sleep over face-cleaning! 

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