Clarifying Cleanser( 200ml )
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Clarifying Cleanser( 200ml )


The ultimate cleanser for blemish-prone skin types, Murad’s refreshing gel formula boasts a spot-battling buffet of actives to combat congestion and minimise redness.

Great for those striving to tackle their breakouts, Clarifying Cleanser works to regulate confused, congested skin types as it purges pores and melts dead cells to leave skin feeling soft, refreshed and less inflamed. With a delicate lather that penetrates deeply to target embedded impurities, alongside green tea to deflect the aggressors and help to calm flareups, this gel is the perfect first step for those looking to normalise oil and to quell a complexion rebellion. Just be wary if skin is reactive or sensitive – this can feel stripping if skin’s on the dry side.

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