Clarifying Body Spray( 130ml )
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Clarifying Body Spray( 130ml )


n ingenious antibacterial mist to help battle your breakouts in hard-to-reach areas, this cocktail of pore-purifying ingredients combats congestion to tackle clogged pores and prevent those unwelcome eruptions.

With a 360˚ nozzle that works upside down, Murad’s Clarifying Body Spray is great for those bothered by ‘bacne’ who’re eager to calm inflammation, accelerate healing and mitigate flareups. Granting ready access to your back, bottom, shoulders, shins… you name it, this brilliant spritz is ideal for dissolving the dead cells and debris that lead to blocked pores. Starring salicylic acid (from willow bark extract), alongside cooling menthol, this quickly calms redness and helps to prevent lumps and bumps (it’s ideal between waxes to ward against ingrown hairs) – helping your skin become strokably smooth and limb-baringly clear, top-to-toe. It’s a confidence boost in a bottle!

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