Vitamin-C Juice Cleanser( 150ml )
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Vitamin-C Juice Cleanser( 150ml )


Perfect as a morning or second cleanse, this beautifully-scented cleansing water boasts a potent concoction of orange flower water, vitamin C, ferulic and ascorbic acid. The orange flower water helps to naturally tone, sooth and smooth skin, vitamin C has a range of benefits from evening out skin tone, improving hydration and shielding skin from free radicals. Ferulic acid helps defend skin against the effects of pollution and aggressors and finally, ascorbic acid is a superstar antioxidant that firms, evens, fads sun spots and diminishes wrinkles as well as protecting skin from external stressors. Together, this antioxidant-rich water will effectively protect skin while working hard to brighten and even skin tone and is perfect for anyone introducing vitamin C into their skin care routine for the first time. Housed in a sleek bottle with a press-pump, with air-tight bottle allows you to pump directly onto your cotton pad without any leakage or spillage.

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