Soy Face Exfoliator 100ml
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Soy Face Exfoliator 100ml


A great way to gently retexturise skin that’s in need of a glow-up, fresh Soy Face Exfoliator boasts a skin-brightening buffet of cucumber, apricot seeds and jojoba beads, alongside soy proteins and vitamin E to ever-so-gently (yet ever-so-effectively) eliminate the daily ‘grey’. A great way to combat congestion and swiftly recover your skin’s misplaced radiance (“Where’d it go!?”), the inclusion of soy helps to fortify delicate tissue (its jam-packed with proteins) for skin that feels supple as well as incredibly soft. Purifying and revitalising, reach for this 2-3 times every week for a gentle, dependable radiance boost. 

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