In-Shower Steam Facial( 135ml )
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In-Shower Steam Facial( 135ml )

    • Shower your complexion with age-defying goodness with Pixi’s brand new In-Shower Steam Facial. During your wash, massage the gel into skin and feel this luscious formula change into a luscious, heated oil that deeply nourishes and cleanses. Formulated with plant-based Acacia collagen, a naturally occurring collagen that creates an instant plumping, hydrating and supple effect. Not only is it known for being über-firming, it also provides instant lifting, improves skin texture and tone as well as plumping fine lines and wrinkles while promoting collagen production. Combined with powerhouse peptides, this on-the-go facial helps address firmness, wrinkles and skin texture. Perfect for creating or maintaining a I-just-got-a-facial glow all year round. 

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