Custom Eye Palette 001
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Custom Eye Palette 001

With Dior Backstage, Dior has created its first professional makeup line, a collection of makeup artist essentials, inspired by the energy backstage at the runway shows. Shades to suit all skin tones in exclusive,* versatile and buildable textures. The Custom Eye Palette is the Dior makeup artists' secret weapon to create an array of pro eye looks, from the most natural to the most sophisticated, thanks to its unique* gel that transforms eyeshadow textures into a precise liner. * At Dior. Its unique* gel transforms eyeshadow textures into an intense liner. * At Dior. The Dior Backstage Custom Eye Palette contains: - An eye primer - A shadow-to-liner transforming gel - An ultra-metallic top coat - Five shimmer shadows - A high-pigment matte shadow Four scintillating shades - cool silver and taupe with warm bronze and chocolate - are complemented by a vibrant matte black, an evanescent white highlighter and a gold top coat infused with oversized flecks of shimmer. In the two remaining pans, two essentials for an even more personalized eye look. A professional primer for a better adherence of the shadows and a more intense finish, and a gel that transforms eyeshadows into a veritable eyeliner. Applied with any of the three eyeshadow brushes from the Backstage range, the shades remain sheer; patted on with fingertips, they become more metallic; and when mixed with the gel they transform into eyeliner.
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