Contour Intuitive Palette
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Contour Intuitive Palette


Full flawless in one perfectly portable palette, NYX Professional Makeup’s Contour Intuitive Palette is your shortcut to radiance. Starring six velvety eyeshadows, two pearly highlighters and one blusher, this dreamy set of complementary, illuminating hues will enhance and flatter every angle of your face beautifully. There are two shade options to choose between: ‘Jewel Queen’ features pearly white and pale rose gold highlighter, rich bronzey blusher and vibrant purple and blue eyeshadows alongside more muted cream, gold and brown colours, while ‘Warm Zone’ contains yellow and champagne golden highlighters, peach rose blusher and glimmering copper, golden and brown eyeshadows. Mix and match any of these highly pigmented, versatile powders for a subtly sculpted glow.

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