Iconic Glow Mini Cheek Set( 3.3g, 2.5g )
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Iconic Glow Mini Cheek Set( 3.3g, 2.5g )

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Apply to cheeks with a brush.

François Nars says: "Cheek colour shouldn't be limited to the apples (no one blushes only on their cheeks!). I always blend a bit into the hairline, along the jawbone, and on the tip of the nose to create a more natural-looking, all-over hint of colour."


Apply to areas that would be hit by the sun: the forehead, bridge of nose, tops of cheeks, and chin. Take what's left on the brush and blend onto the neck and décolleté so there is no line of demarcation.

François Nars says: “Bronzing Powder makes the skin look healthy and glowing. I was very precise with the amount of shimmer - I wanted to create an effect that made you look radiant and natural.”


To cleanse your NARS Brushes, dispense a small amount of gentle soap (or your favourite makeup brush shampoo) onto the brush and rinse with water until water runs clear. Avoid wetting the handle of the brush. Gently reshape fibres after rinsing. Lay flat or hang upside down to dry.

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